Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas sector has been one of the sectors in which Rolex International has pioneered new age recruitment solutions for clients and candidates. For all aspects of petroleum engineering & development, ranging from drilling & work over engineering to gas drilling, oil drilling, exploration operations, reservoir management and refinery & gas operations, we scour specialists that can tackle the issues that this sector throws up each day.
With access to a vast pool of specialized talent and close links with major companies of the sector, Rolex International is the channel through which you can fulfill your Oil & Gas sector requirements.

Petrochemical and Process Industry

Rolex International has strong ties with major companies in the petrochemicals and process industries. Our global clientèle seeks us out to meet their recruitment demands with proven talent and thoroughbred professionals.
We have successfully recruited for specialist job functions such as commissioning head, operation planner, shift supervisor and lead operator for major petrochemical plants producing Ethylene Glycol, Methanol, Butanediol (BDO), Ethylene, Polypropylene, linear low-density polyethylene, Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL), Acetic Acid (AA) and its derivatives, Acetic Anhydride (AAnh), Vinyl Acetate Monomer(VAM),Ethylene Glycol, Polyethylene, Linear Alpha Olefins, MTBE Polypropylene, Ammonia, Urea and 2-Ethyl Hexanol.
For the process industry, we recruit extensively for cement plants, Aluminum and steel plants and float glass plants.

Power & Utility

We have catered to the human resource requirements of various power and utility projects across the Middle East. We have recruited specialists for job functions in engineering, power generation, transmission and distribution projects. We have also headhunted senior management personnel from across countries like South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Middle East and India for various power and utility companies.
Rolex International was the force behind one of the biggest power and utility privatization initiatives in the Middle East. The complete IT Project team to implement SAP Utility for this initiative was recruited using our expertise.

Engineering & Project Management

Various local and international engineering consultancy and project management organizations have utilized our strong network in this sector to meet their recruitment needs. We have been able to discover talented professionals for job functions ranging from engineering, design, detailed engineering, project planning and scheduling, cost estimation to site management.
For details of our major clients, please request for an engineering consultancy and project management technical pre-qualification.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry relies heavily on skilled professionals who possess specialized skills sets required for execution of projects. We have, through our widespread network of talent, been able to identify individuals who have the required proficiency for specialized job functions.
We used a focused sourcing strategy for specialized skills, such as utility operation, for one of the leading metal manufacturing companies in the Middle East.
The other skills that we have recruited for include production, engineering, maintenance and quality control.

Commercial & Retail Industry

We, at Rolex International, have provided human resources for some of the big brands of the retail industry. The industry's requirements for personnel to man retail outlets are met by us by recruiting for positions like Retail Managers, Brand Managers, Sales Assistants, Customer Care Personnel, Merchandisers, Van Salesmen and Store and Warehousing Assistants.
We are also associated with major hotel groups for recruitment solutions for their front office, food & beverage department, health club, security, engineering and maintenance.

Construction Industry

We have fulfilled personnel requirements for many large construction, operations and maintenance projects. The personnel recruited for these projects served in various departments like construction management, project tendering, project management and site management. We have also recruited for many large-scale infrastructure, commercial and industrial projects.


The healthcare sector requires skilled personnel for a myriad of specialist job functions. We have the technical capability to shortlist and evaluate qualified consultant doctors of different specialties, such as medical, surgical, gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, cardiology, etc.
We have recruited and deployed registered nurses of different specialties, such as operation theater, intensive care unit, labor and delivery and outpatient clinic.
Recruitment for paramedical staff such as Radiology Technicians, Lab Technicians and EMS Technicians have also been undertaken successfully.
We also cater to the recruitment needs of the US healthcare industry. A specialised team has been put in place to recruit registered nurses to United States of America. We provide complete assistance to registered nurses to prepare for various exams, such as CGFNS, IELTS, Inglex, etc.

IT & Telecom

Our recruitment solutions have fulfilled the personnel requirements of several IT and Telecom projects in the Middle East. Many telecom companies have utilized our services to scour personnel for many important GSM projects.
We have also provided companies with skilled employees for the implementation of various ERP projects including SAP, Oracle, BAAN, JD Edwards etc.
We have identified and deployed specialists for niche job functions like System Analysts, Database Administrators and Technical/ Functional Consultants.