Global Recruitment

At Rolex International we look to perform recruiting agency and entrust ourselves with the role of HR partner for our clients. When clients seek to recruit talent across countries we diminish their hassle of having to seek out consultants for each country. We offer centralized placement solutions for companies recruiting personnel, irrespective of the country they are targeting. This structure allows us to know the essential pre-requisites for recruitment and also push the standards of quality placement. Additionally, working simultaneously is our extensive network across countries making logistics lesser of an hassle. Our services are available for all categories of personnel.

Our Core Values

We aspire to be the number one medium through which leading companies of the Middle East and the South East Asia meet with unskilled / skilled and professional peoples of the region to fulfill their human resources need

The mission of Rolex International is to give an opportunity for the valuable companies in the Middle East and the South East Asia to focus on their core function and increase their efficiency while we take care of their human resources need.

We believe talent has no boundaries. We optimizw human potential, maximize its happiness and help increase the productivity of companies and individual job aspirants by being the forum where they all meet.

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Rolex International has mastered the art of recruiting India's best talent across industries and verticals. today, Rolex International dedicated team of HR professionals and consultants help recruit the very best of talents.
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Rolex International network of offices and top notch HR proffessionals can mobilise qualified work force at short notice, saving your organization precious time and unforeseen expenses.
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The new times come thus call for added care while looking for jobs. We have major companies in our credit list to support your life.
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We have managed to create an atmosphere inside the company that values employees. Let us know your demands with us. Please find suitable profile from our job site.
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